What is Lyft Line and how it works?

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Introducing Lyft Line.

What is Lyft Line and how it works? Why will your earnings increase with Lyft Line?

Lyft Line Simple Guide

Lyft Line Guide

What is Lyft Line?

Lyft line is a type of Lyft rides

Very similar to Uber Pool With Lyft Line, passengers who don't know each other can choose to share their ride.

Lyft line is more popular than ever, it helps connect people who both need a ride from the same neighborhood and to the same hotspot across town.

As Lyft driver you'll pick up separate passengers and drive them in the same general direction. Line is similar to a carpool. Passengers share a ride and save the money and you will increase earnings because with longer trips (the route are 15-20% longer on average) and less downtime between rides.

What are the advantages of Lyft Line

This service is an important compnent of Lytf's vision. Passengers benefit by paying a reduced fare (up to 70%), and drivers gain three things:

More requests

Remember, every pickup counts as a ride and you are paid for the time and the distance of the total ride. The more Line rides you give, the faster you can make progress toward milestones and weekly bonus.

Lyft Request
lyft drivers tips

Double the opportunity for tips – and Power Driver Bonus rides.

You can earn a tip from each passenger on the route, and each ride counts toward your Power Driver Bonus if you have an eligible vehicle.

Promts for Lyft drivers

Try to stick to the navigation

The navigation will automatically route you to each stop and determine the most efficient pickup and drop-off order. Even when you are already in an active Line ride, the app will look for nearby matches so using navigation ensures additional passengers aren’t waiting along the way.

Practical Information

Line rides have a purple 'Accept' button, and can add pickups at any point in the route, or not at all. Simply follow the app's prompts and use navigation to make sure you're always headed to the right stop.


Don't lose your time and get more ride with Lyft line.

Lyft Line Express Faq

+How much longer are rides on average for Lyft Line?


+What are the benefits for drivers with Lyft Line?
  • Rides are 15% longer, and there’s less downtime between rides

  • Drivers have more passengers, and more tip opportunities

  • Each pick-up counts toward Power Driver Bonus

+You’re assigned a route but the passenger says that she knows a shortcut and asks that you follow it. What do you do?

Kindly explain to the passenger that the GPS determines the most efficient route, and there might be another pickup along the way

+What do I have to do if I cannot find my passenger?

If you can't find your passenger, you can mark them as a no-show and continue to the next step. The app will automatically navigate you to the next location.

+What do I have to do if my passenger only requested one seat but is travelling with a friend?

They can adjust their party size in the app, but this option is available only if there is room in your car

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