10 Things to Know Before to Becoming a DoorDash Driver

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Important Things You Need To Know Before Becoming a Doordash Driver (Dasher)

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So you think you want to be a DoorDash driver? If you are looking for a flexible job the big players of the Gig Economy (Uber, Lyft, Postmates and Doordash) are responsible for directly creating new job opportunities. It’s easy to assume that everyone knows about the profession of delivery driver. But does the people really know who Dashers are and how to become a DoorDash delivery driver? Better yet, if you’re interested in becoming a DoorDash driver, do you know what you’re getting into? Here are ten things you need to know before you take the leap of submitting your application to Doordash.

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1. DoorDash Driver

It is useless to deny it: technology has changed the world and our way of living it has also changed. Today we can order food online with a tap on our smartphone, we can also easily find a delivery job that allows us to boost our income working whenever is more convenient for us. So, who are DoorDash drivers? People who delivers for Doordash are called Dashers. They're contractors who use their vehicles to make deliveries. DoorDash will not pay for the gas if you use your car, but you can deduct from the tax your work-related expenses. So, keep diligent track of your mileage while driving for DoorDash. You've probably heard of California's Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), the law changes the test used to determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. This law can have an impact on the status of DoorDash, Postmates, Lyft and Uber drivers in California. Here are some important points to know about DoorDash drivers:

  1. DoorDash does not hire the drivers
  2. DoorDash drivers are independent contractors
  3. DoorDash, like Postmates, Lyft and Uber, gives their drivers the ability to work with flexible hours.

2. DoorDash Driver Requirements

DoorDash driver requirements are very similar to the requirements of becoming a Postmates or an Uber Eats driver. The delivery company is looking for safe drivers. The DoorDash driver requirements include:

  1. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Own a smartphone (android or iPhone) for the Dasher App
  3. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license
  4. Have access to a vehicle or bicycle (any car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter)
  5. Valid personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds state requirements — name on policy
  6. Provide a social security number (for a background check)
  7. Pass a background and driving record check
  8. Complete an orientation online or in person

3. DoorDash On Boarding

DoorDash made a lot of efforts to simplify the on boarding process. Sign up for DoorDash and join the DoorDash community of drivers is FREE. In some markets you have to schedule an in-person orientation. If scheduling an orientation is difficult for you, you can opt out for an 'express orientation'. The DoorDash express orientation is made up of 4 short videos that will help you get started with your new delivery driver job. In this case DoorDash will send you the welcoming kit at your mailing address.

4. DoorDash Background Check

The DoorDash backgroud check is one of the steps of the onboarding process to become a Doordash driver/courier. It is a review of your criminal and personal records. A lot of employers run a background check, it's a employment screening and the process of looking up your criminal and personal record. DoorDash drivers as well as Postmates drivers or Lyft drivers are independent contractor. Safety is extremely important to DoorDash, obviously DoorDash is a secure platform and they screen all of DoorDash'candidates thorough background checks. DoorDash reserves the right to disqualify a driver if their background check reveal any disqualifying offense in the last 7 years or for any other safety-related reason. DoorDash uses a third-party company to complete their background checks, called Checkr. This company will use your social security number and your address to perform an extensive check on you. All the screenings comply with federal and state standards that protect applicants and employees from discrimination.

What does DoorDash Background Check Look For?

The DoorDash background check covers criminal background history and if you sign up to use a car or a motorcycle, DoorDash also check your Motor Vehicles Record. Here are the details for DoorDash driver qualifications in order to drive for DoorDash.

Within the past seven years:

  • No sexual offenses
  • No DUI
  • No violent crimes
  • No theft
  • No property damage
  • No felonies

How Long Does DoorDash Background Check Take?

The background check typically takes around 3–10 days, but that time frame may vary. Background checks also might take more time if do not fill up the application properly. Take a look at our step by step tutorial It can also take longer if you’ve lived in several places. This mean that Checkr have to run several county level searches. At the end of your background check you'll receive a copy of your background report and an email confirming you are approved.

If you are worried abut the intensity of the background check but you are looking for the way to make money, driving for DoorDash is the right job for you. If you read our article on Lyft background check you already know that Lyft drivers must undergo yearly background check and continous criminal background check. In any case we will never stop to say it! The Doordash application process is free and you do not have to pay for the screening process, so it's worth a try!

5. Where DoorDash Operate Food Delivery Services

Are you looking for delivery driver jobs near you? Are you looking for a full time or a part-time flexible job? Start checking if DoorDash delivery is available in your city. While some delivery apps like Grubhub has seen a significant slowdown in key metrics: revenue, average diners, gross food sales... DoorDash is the fastest-growing food delivery App.

DoorDash offers their delivery services and new jobs opportunities in more than 3000 cities in the the United States of America, in Canada and in Australia.

6. How Much do DoorDash Drivers Make?

doordash peak pay

The first important thing is to know is that DoorDash needs drivers and they offer a bonus if you sign up and drive for them. In addittion, recently, Doordash changed how earnings and tips work in the delivery platform. DoorDash drivers get paid 'per delivery' and do not have an hourly wage. So, how much do DoorDash drivers make? Here is a DoorDash earnings breakdown, after it, it will be easier understand how Dasher earnings work:

DoorDash Pay Model

Your pay is based off the time and distance of your deliveries. Your potential salary can vary a lot depending on Doordash driver promotions. Here is a detail of what you will earn:

  1. Base Pay
    • Time rate: What you earn per minute.
    • Distance rate: What you earn per mile
  2. Promotions
    • Challenges: If you meet specific earnings goals for the week.
    • Peak Pay: If you 'Dash' when it is busy
  3. Tips

7. How do I get paid?

We are not talking about a traditional job but about a "Gig Job". When driving for DoorDash, you should always know how the pay works and be able to keep track of your earnings. DoorDash pays its drivers weekly via direct deposit for all deliveries completed between Monday–Sunday of the previous week. If you already know the advantages of the weekly pay, you will be surprised to find out that with DoorDash you can also be paid daily. This is a great advantages that only delivery and ridesharing company offers. With DoorDash Fast Pay:

  • You can get paid fast through Instant Pay (fees apply)
  • You can cash out directly to your bank account via your debit card.

8. Doordash Referral Bonus

doordash driver referral terms

DoorDash apply restrictions in the referral code terms. Doordash says: Referrals should only be made to your personal connections. You may notify your friends and acquaintances about this Program through your personal social media accounts, but posting public notices or your unique link on jobs boards, blogs, websites, search engines, or other platforms accessible to the general public are not allowed. Furthermore, Referring Dashers can earn a maximum of fifteen (15) referral bonuses for Qualified Referrals in a calendar year. Referrals made by a Dasher in excess of this limit will not trigger bonuses for either the referring or referred Dasher.

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Where Can I Sign Up?

The first step to earn more with your new delivery driver job is to sign up with the right referral code. Take a look at our complete guide to DoorDash sign up bonus .

9. Working as a DoorDash Driver

Driving for DoorDash is a simple way to earn some extra money. At Ridesharepromocode we like to make reviews and compare all the jobs options so you can choose the job that fit better for you. So, What’s it like to drive for DoorDash? Unlike Postmates drivers, DoorDash drivers have access to a system of scheduling deliveries. What does it mean? If you know in advance when you will go online, you can sign up for shift hours directly from the Dasher App. This will give you a priority so you will receive priority ping and priority delivery requests. Here is a detailed description of all the steps of your delivery driver job.

Accepting Deliveries

Whether you have scheduled deliveries or not, the first thing every DoorDash driver has to do to make money driving with Doordash is:

  1. Open the Dasher App
  2. Tap on "Dash NOW"

Once you are 'online' and ready, you will start to receive delivery requests through the Dasher App from restaurant located near you. One of the main feauture of the Dasher App are the hotspots. Be able to see the delivery demand in real time empowers you to drive smarter. When you get a delivery requests and before you accept the offer, you will be able to see the delivery details (the customer and restaurant location) in your driver app. You have 45 seconds to choose to accept the order. You can also decline th edelivery. Once you decide to accept the delivery request, the Dasher app will help you navigate to the restaurant.

Picking Up Orders from Restaurants

DoorDash drivers like Postmates drivers have to pay the customer's order at the restaurant. They have to use the 'DoorDash red prepaid card'. This is not complicated because the Dasher App will give you all the information you need to perform the deliveries. Once you arrive at the pick up location, just verify your order and confirm the pick up in the Dasher App.

Delivering the Food to Customers

This is the last steps of a delivery. You just need to follow the direction and the Dasher App will bring you to the final destination: the customer. Provide a great service that customers won't forget. When driving for DoorDash, if you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can increase your earnings through tips. Tipping is optional for customers and not required. DoorDash drivers keep 100% of the tips, so they can increase your DoorDash pay. There are two ways for customers to give a tip:

  • In cash
  • In the DoorDash App

10. DoorDash Support

Whether you are a DoorDash applicant or an approved driver, it is really important to know how to contact the DoorDash Support and get help fast. DoorDash, like Uber Eats offers an in-person support to the drivers in the DoorDash offices. If you need help you can just find the DoorDash office near you. If you prefer online support there are 3 ways to get help and DoorDash it is efficient in all three:

Get Started as DoorDash Driver Today!

There are no complex requirements to become a DoorDash driver. Whether you are looking for a side-hustle or you need to make extra-money, become a Dasher is a great opportunity. DoorDash delivery driver job is more intresting with all the perks, incentives, and the great pay DoorDash offers to their drivers. Furthermore if you are looking for the way to earn extra money balancing your personal life, becoming a DoorDash driver will give you the flexibility to work whenever you want and there are no minimum hours required. Finally the new driver promotion will give one more reason to join the DoorDash drivers community and even earn a bonus for getting on board.

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