Lyft Rides Types Review [2020]: A ride for all kind of needs

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A checklist of all differents kinds of Lyft rides

This is a useful guide for Lyft Drivers and Riders

Lyft vehicle Types review

How do you use Lyft?

Lyft app is available for IOS and Android

People open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to hail a ride. They enter a destination and request a ride. Lyft offer different types of cars and services, and depending on how many people you have with you and what kind of vehicle you prefer, you can select what ride to request via the Lyft app.

Like this...

lyft vehicle types

What's the difference between :


It's the original ride that fits up to four passengers

Lyft Line

Lyft line is more popular than ever. You'll pick up separate passengers who don't know each other, drive them in the same general direction and choose to share their ride. Line is similar to a carpool. Passengers share a ride and save the money and you will increase earnings because the route are 15-20% longer on average. Check our Lyft Line Guide

Lyft Plus

If you have a car with at least seven total seat bealts, you are elegible for Plus rides

Lyft Premier

It's a luxury four-seat ride for passengers.

To qualify for Lyft Premier:

Lyft Lux/Suv

It is the most luxurious option. Lux rides are also high-earning with higher potential for tips.

To qualify for Lux or Lux SUV:

  • Drive in a Lyft city where Lux or Lux SUV is available

  • Drive an approved Lux or Lux SUV vehicle (see the list of eligible vehicles)

  • You’ll qualify to receive both Lux and Lux SUV requests if you have a Lux-eligible vehicle that comfortably seats 6 or more passengers

Lyft Scooter

We will never tire of saying that Lyft is an environmentally friendly company. Scooters should be considered as a valid mode of urban transport. Lyft has made a real revolution in the world of transport and it also offers the possibility to Lyft users to easily find scooters and to be able to use and unlock them directly through Lyft App.

The Environement is just one of the reasons that should push us to use scooters rather than the car. Use scooters it helps preserve the environment and reduce pollution. Did you know that with a scooter you move on average 2-3 times faster than on foot and in rush hours they are faster than the cars?

Using a personal car or rideshare does not avoid traffic jam. Today with scooters you can. So do not waste time, download Lyft App with our Lyft promo code and you will receive a Lyft credit up to $ 50!

Lyft Scooter FAQ

Where are Lyft Scooters Available?

Lyft scooters are available in few select cities of United States of America listed below:

  • Arlington, VA

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Austin, TX

  • Denver, CO

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Santa Monica, CA

  • San Diego, CA

  • Nashville, TE

  • Washington, DC

Lyft Bike

Lyft recently acqired Motivate and became the largest bike share company. Motivate is a bike share leader in North America.

John Zimmer , Lyft co-founder and president said: “Lyft and Motivate have both been committed for years to the same goal of reducing the need for personal car ownership by providing reliable and affordable ways to move around our cities”.

The new technologies have allowed the development of the Bike-Sharing, which is now very developed all over the world. Bike Sharing is a natural extension of ride sharing and a new opportrunity for Lyft to offer Shared Rides to Lyft users

Where are Lyft Bike Available?

Motivate operates many of the largest bikeshare systems in North America, including:

  • Citi Bike (New York)

  • Ford GoBike (San Francisco Bay area)

  • Divvy (Chicago)

  • Blue Bikes (Boston metro area)

  • Capital Bikeshare (Washington, D.C. metro area)

  • BIKETOWN (Portland metro area)

  • CoGo (Columbus, Ohio)

  • Nice Ride (Minneapolis)

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