Top 10 Lyft Driver Job Benefits – Is Driving for Lyft Worth it?

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Want to Make Money and Have a Better Work-Life Balance? Reap These Benefits of Being Lyft Driver!

benefits of being a Lyft driver

25% of Americans are taking advantage of what's been dubbed the Gig Economy. Lyft, Uber and Postmates are the main players in the Gig Economy, and there is a great need for drivers today. Besides job flexibility, Lyft driver job offers so many benefits that you might not have even thought of. If you are considering become a Lyft driver, here is a detailed list of major benefits that you can get as a Lyft Driver:

Advantages of Becoming a Lyft Driver

#1 There Is a Major Drivers Shortage

Lyft, as well as Uber or Postmates, are always looking for drivers. They try to encourage people to sign up and drive for them. If you use our Lyft driver referral code, you become eligible for the new driver sign up bonus. Lyft sign up bonus goes up to $1,000 in cities where drivers are needed most including:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Pittsburgh
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • ...

#2 Experience or Qualifications Not Requiered

Whether you are looking for your first job or a side hustle to increase your income, many opportuties require experience and qualifications. Your resume is not important for working as a Lyft driver and you don’t have to worry about experience or qualifications. Instead, security is really important for Lyft. All Lyft applicants, without exception, must go through a background check process. The list of qualifications to become a Lyft driver is really simple.

Summary of Lyft Driver Requirements 2020:

  • 21 years old or older
  • Own a smartphone
  • No major violations in the past 3 years
  • No DUIs or drug-related driving offenses in the last 7 years

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#3 Job Freedom and Flexibility are High

There are few jobs that have the flexibility of Lyft drivers. You can work when you want and where you want. Do you want to work part time, full time or as a temporary job? You can do all of them. You can take time off for work, work three days in a row and have four days off, and full time, too.

#4 Work in Many Locations

By becoming a Lyft driver, you can work just about wherever you like. You may work in all the city, in the suburbs area. You can work in any cities of your States where Lyft is available. If you become a Lyft driver, you will be an independent contractor.

#5 Lyft Sign up Bonus

Lyft is currently the only company offering huge sign on bonuses for new drivers who sign up using a Lyft driver promo code. In fact, since 2016 Uber has changed the sign up bonus formula. Currently Uber is offering earnings guaranteed instead of sign up bonuses. What does it mean? With a guarantee you are guaranteed a certain amount of earnings with a required amount of rides. Lyft sign up bonus is on top of your regular earnings and worth up to $1,000 when you use our Lyft referral code (INVITECODELYFT). The bonus amounts vary by city and time of application and range from $50 up to $1,000.

#5 Good As a Second Career Choice

Ridesharing driver is one of the most popular second careers. It offers relatively good pay, and you easily can increase your earnings by working more hours, and working on holidays and weekends. There are many professionals who retire from their first career and continue to work part time as a Lyft driver to supplement their income.

Lyft Driver Services

Beyond all these advantages and the already existing Accelerate Rewards Program for Lyft drivers, Lyft has recently announced new advantages that will help Lyft drivers to earn more or save money. These new advantages confirm the support, as well as the recognition and appreciation that Lyft offers its drivers. To show appreciation, new financial benefits are offered to all those who choose to drive for Lyft. Lyft also confirms that it is an ecology-oriented company. Here is an in-depth look at the possible benefits of signing for Lyft.

#6 Lyft Direct Debit Card

lyft drirect debit card

If you already know the advantages of the Lyft weekly pay and Lyft instant pay, you will be surprised to find out that with Lyft’s new direct debit card drivers have access to their ride earnings immediately.

Advantages of Using Lyft Direct Debit Card

  1. No-fee bank account with access to over 20,000 fee-free ATMs
  2. Cash back on gas (2%)
  3. Cash back on groceries (1%)
  4. Cash back on selected restaurants (4%)

#7 Lyft Car Rental Express Drive

Would you like to drive for Lyft but you don't have a car? Thanks to Lyft Express drive you can take advantage of the Lyft car rental program. If you want to know more, you can take a look at our complete guide on Lyft Express drive. Lyft Express Drive is currently available in 34 major cities in the United States of America. Lyft will expand the program that will be available soon in new cities.

New Advantages of Lyft Express Drive

  1. Expanding services in 30 largest cities
  2. 6,100 new vehicles are ordered
  3. 4,600 of which are hybrid or electric
lyft car rental express drive

#8 Lyft Car Insurance

lyft car insurance

If one of the main reasons to sign up for Lyft and become Lyft driver is the opportunity to earn extra income, one of the biggest concerns is still insurance. Everyone on the road is required by law to have an active auto insurance policy. Lyft offers insurance for their drivers as long as they’re logged into the Lyft App. You should check with your insurance company to confirm whether your policy covers this “commercial driving.” If it does not, you will need to consider purchasing supplemental commercial auto insurance. Lyft made a new partnership with GEICO that will start this spring. Eligible drivers can earn more per ride when covered under GEICO’s all-in-one rideshare insurance policy.

Advantages of Lyft/Geico Rideshare Insurance Policy

  1. Earn $0.25 extra on each eligible Lyft ride you give
  2. You are always covered
  3. Get a deductible as low as $250 for physical damage to your car

#9 Lyft Driver Centers

Lyft Driver Centers are spaces where you can quickly do car maintenance for less. Whether it's an oil change or tire rotation, regularly servicing your wheelchair accessible vehicle can help save you time and money in the Lyft Driver Centers.

Advantages of Lyft Driver Centers

  • Save money (save up to 50% on common repairs)
  • Save Time (50% faster service)
lyft driver centers

#10 Lyft Certifications

lyft certifications

The decalog of features that makes a company 'employee (in this case driver) friendly' includes the attention that it brings to the training of employees / drivers. Lyft invests in its drivers and offers a series of training programs to improve their skills and grow professionally.

Advantages of Lyft Certifications

  1. Improve your English with online language lessons
  2. In-person English proficiency course with the National Immigration Forum
  3. English language proficiency certificate recognized by top universities and employers
  4. ...

Cons Of Being A Lyft Driver

Before you decide to sign up for Lyft, it is helpful to have a realistic idea of the pros and also the cons of driving for Lyft. Because there are not only pros and we want to be honest. As Lyft driver we have identified two main disadvantages.

Car Maintenance and Gas

Lyft drivers are indepentdent contractors. All the expenses related to your car such as gas and maintenance are your responsibility. These are all things to consider before signing for Lyft. You can extend your car’s life if you follow car maintenance tips that can delay or even prevent the need to pay for a big fix to your car. As Lyft driver you need to be proactive about keeping your car in good shape and also try to save money finding cheap gas for your car.

Sedentary Job

Sitting a lot is bad for you. Especially uninterrupted sitting where you’re not standing up for long periods. You may consider reducing driving time as a potential strategy for promoting health and well-being when you are not driving for Lyft.

So how do I know if driving for Lyft is right for me?

In conclusion, becoming a Lyft driver, is a real opportunity to make extra money in your spare time. Lyft is a friendly driver company. Lyft driver services make the life of Lyft drivers easier by helping them earn more money and set aside money. If you want to be able to enjoy many awesome benefits sign up and drive for Lyft . logo

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