Should I drive for Uber or Lyft?
A simple checklist of all the points that will help you make your choice

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While Uber and Lyft want to improve transportation, Lyft has a different mission focused on driver well-being. If you’re considering applying to one company or the other, but you are unsure which one is best...

We made for you a simple checklist that will help you make your choise

Happy drivers... Happy riders!

#1 Earn a larger sign-up bonus

Lyft generally offers larger sign-up bonuses than Uber; a typical Lyft bonus can range from $1,000 to $5,000

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#2 Benefit from higher rates with Lyft.

Lyft and Uber charge about the same prices, but Lyft drivers tend to be paid a higher rate than Uber drivers. Lyft drivers make more than Uber drivers

#3 Lyft is growing.

Lyft’s business continues to grow. The various scandals, declining customer satisfaction, and Travis Kalanick’s forced departure as CEO, many riders are deactivating their accounts and switching to Lyft. Lyft is now doing over 1 million rides per day

#4 Work under a lower-pressure ratings system at Lyft.

Both Lyft and Uber have strict rating requirements for the drivers: if an individual driver’s rating slips below a 4.6, their position may be terminated.

Uber average’s a driver’s most recent 500 ratings, whereas Lyft only tracks the most recent 100 ratings. Older ratings are no longer counted.

#5 Lyft has a welcoming company culture

Lyft offers what are called “Power Driver Bonuses” to drivers who exceed a certain number of rides a week. This bonus allows busy drivers to keep a higher percentage of their fares.

#6 Lyft is an encouraging company

Lyft is a driver friendly company. Lyft encourages community among its drivers, and the company makes it clear that it respects and appreciates its drivers.

#7 Lyft Support

Lyft is more helpful in solving problems than Uber. There are differents ways to contact Lyft Support. They always try to solve your problems.

Lyft Chief Marketing Officer Kira Wampler says the company is more focused on driver well-being than Uber is because Lyft has a different mission.


I'm sure you no longer have any doubts now. If your question was: "Is it better to drive for Uber or Lyft?". The answer is: Drivers prefer to drive for Lyft and you you will appreciate it too! logo

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